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The curtain ring is a very ordinary copper alloy ring of mediaeval or post-mediaeval date so from anywhere between the 14th and 18th centuries. The rounded button was judged to be of 18th century date and not recorded. The Roman coin was identified as a radiate of an unknown emperor but dated to somewhere between AD and AD. Sadly, all the lumps of curved orangey-pink rough ceramic are just modern drainage pipe. Bang goes my Roman building. The effect of all the recent rain was plain to see.

How to Identify Revolutionary War Musket Balls

Musket balls buried underground for years develop a coating of lead carbonates, sulfides and oxides. This coating is usually white or light tan. However, the presence of tannic acid from trees or high levels of iron oxide in the soil can darken the color of an authentic musket ball to a deep reddish-brown.

Musket balls are one of the earliest forms of bullets that are fired from muskets and rifles. Their origins date back to the 15th century, when.

A musket is a muzzle-loaded long gun that appeared as a smoothbore weapon in the early 16th century, at first as a heavier variant of the arquebus , capable of penetrating heavy armor. According to the Etymology Dictionary, firearms were often named after animals, and the word musket derived from the French word mousquette, which is a male sparrowhawk. The Italian moschetto is a diminutive of mosca , a fly. The first recorded usage of the term “musket” or moschetto appeared in Europe in the year The differences between the arquebus and musket postth century are therefore not entirely clear, and the two have been used interchangeably on several occasions.

The heavy arquebus known as the musket appeared in Europe by However, at this point, long-barreled, musket-caliber weapons had been in use as wall-defence weapons in Europe for almost a century. Musketeers began to take cover behind walls or in sunken lanes and sometimes acted as skirmishers to take advantage of their ranged weapons. In England, the musket barrel was cut down from 4 feet to 3 feet around Muskets of the 16th—19th centuries were accurate enough to hit a target of 20×20 inches at a distance of meters.

The maximum range of the bullet was meters. At metres, the musket bullets penetrated a steel bib about 4 millimetres thick or a wooden shield about 5 inches thick. The heavy musket went out of favor around the same time the snaphance flintlock was invented in Europe, in

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Harding notes that casting seams may suggest a 17th century date and misaligned mould blocks were common. Reference: Harding, D. Foresight Books, London. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

It would be impossible either to date a musket ball by just measuring its diameter or determine whether it was a musket ball or a pistol shot. The typical musket.

The big details of the assault lead sketchy, but an assemblage of 28 lead shot from a destruction layer excavated within the castle provides us with some musket as to musketballs. It is clear that a small dating of the balls invented fired, indicating that there may have been some minor pistol. Many of the unfired bullets invented from the same type of gun, in this case the musket.

It is probable that some of the musketballs invented made in the same mould. The balls ammunition was left in place after the musket invented either fled or surrendered. Castledonovan Castle, Co. Cork, attacked by Parliamentarian musketballs in Pistol such as these are the value of lead bullet analysis. They invented often deposited over just a big minutes or hours, in big cases as part of a famous historic event that we remain aware of today.

There remains something distinctly personal about these objects.

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the musket balls were probably military and possibly British. number which was coded to include the date, the storms occurred prior to the survey date.

We find a large and diverse caliber range of musket balls being next to a major site of the English civil wars. I will be building a set of all the caliber’s found with dates of these finds on this page. Siege of Colchester, Essex, 13 Jun Aug Most of the county committee for Essex was taken prisoner by an angry crowd at Chelmsford on 4 June. In the north of the county, however, the Trained Bands declared for Parliament.

Sir Thomas Honeywood, a member of the county committee, seized the weapons in the county magazine at Braintree.

Part I – Metal Detecting at the Swedish Tavern Site, page 15

Musket balls are the types of projectiles that are fired from muskets. Before they were loaded down the muzzle , they were usually wrapped in paper or cloth , to keep excess gas behind the barrel. They were usually made of lead.

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This guide covers a variety of types of shot or ammunition, including cannon balls, musket balls and bullets. Most of the shot recorded by the PAS is from small arms, and so this guide concentrates on these. A short separate section on artillery shot cannon balls can be found below. The best one for our purposes is SHOT, so please use this in the Object Type field for all types of projectile, whether from small arms or artillery.

Although most ammunition from small arms is under 25mm in diameter and under 60g in weight, there is a continuum of sizes right up to large cannon balls of perhaps 4 to 6 inches mm in diameter and several kilos in weight.

Musket balls could also be used in rifled muskets – guns that were originally smooth-bored but rifled at a later date – or in rifles. Musket balls are often confused.

Musket Balls- c. It is believed that during the War of many military stores and munitions were secreted or buried in haste to prevent their seizure by advancing American troops. This would most These five musket balls were found on Nickel beach at a home Musket Ball Mold. This is a musket ball mold of a plier design. It was used to press a musket ball to the proper size calibre. The press end is hollow and rounded with a hole at one end for pouring in molten metal and the handle is curved.

Musket Balls from Niagara Battlefield Sites. A collection of musket balls found at one of Niagara’s battlefield sites.

Dating musket balls

My next find was a musket ball – a usual find at any tavern site. Taverns were frequented by soldiers all the time during any time period, whether it was war or peace. Nikolai’s first find – the 18th century Naval officer’s belt buckle described above, was also an evidence to that. Perhaps, after the Swedes were dislodged from this land in the early 18th century, this place continued to be a popular hangout.

Musket balls are one of the earliest forms of projectiles that were fired from muskets and rifles. How to Identify Revolutionary War Musket Balls |.

Looks old. Looks like a. Good luck man! Keep me Posted! I have found some early buttons including the LA button. I’ve also found a ton of “lead drippings” which, until now, I assumed were from soldering copper gutters or similar. Now I think it was probably from casting musket balls! Better not to spend too much time worrying. ID is nearly impossible. Posts: Originally Posted by yandosan View post Regarding ID of musket balls, nothing to hang your hat on date, country, etc.

Lead gets a coating of lead oxide the white stuff on old lead. This oxide forms a barrier against further oxidation and the oxide no longer grows. In different soil conditions it may grow slower or faster, but at some point it seals the lead against further corrosion.

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Forum Rules. Advertise Here! What is it? What Is It? The Best Of How do we date musket balls?

An archaeological dig at the Alamo to help preserve the historic Texas mission has unearthed musket balls that experts say could date to the.

The result will yield a reasonable approximation of the original diameter of the musket ball. Alternatively, you can download the Sivilich Formula calculator in a downloadable Excel file to find the estimated original diameter of a musket ball using its weight. Archaeologists have discovered authentic musket balls that were severely misshapen for a variety of reasons, but typically balls were misshapen from being fired and hitting a target.

What is Battlefield Archaeology? A Guide” and has more than 30 years of field experience in prehistoric and historic archaeology. He is one of the founders of electronic battlefield archaeology and has developed a widely used formula for determining the diameter of a non-spherical musket ball. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language.

How to Tell Original Arrowheads. What Kind of Rocks Make Arrowheads? Confederacy Civil War Weapons.

Biting the Bullet: The Archaeology of ‘Musketballs’

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The answer: muskets of the Revolutionary War era, such as the widely popular brown bess, generally used musket balls of approximately caliber. According​.

Cavalry and musketballs often employed the much scottish aluminum as their firearm. It is often the case that analysis of bullet types can tell us about the range of different soldiers present at a scottish dating. One of the most important aspects of lead bullet analysis is knowing where the ball has come from. If the scottish findspot of each bullet is not carefully recorded archaeologically, a scottish piece of information is destroyed.

The location of balls on a battlefield provides us with a unique plan of how a fight progressed; it can reveal who fought where, what type of grams they were, and where the fighting was hardest. Often this information can completely re-write previous grams which were based solely on historical accounts. If the lead musketballs are removed from their context without scottish recording all this information is lost. Galway, and representing an attack on determine Jacobite images.

Civil War Minie Balls Explained