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INFJ User Guide

Dating as an INFJ can come with challenges. The thought of letting someone enter your inner world of safety and comfort zone can be terrifying, to say the least. As an INFJ, you are not okay just casually dating anyone. A potential partner has to meet your high standards, yet also have the ability to uncover your guarded heart.

Everything You Need to Know about INFJ Dating and Romance. These people DLM Editor Life tips and life hacks for happiness and prosperity. How Bipolar.

Sometimes referred to as the “Advocate” or the “Idealist,” people with INFJ personalities are creative, gentle, and caring. INFJs are usually reserved but highly sensitive to how others feel. They are typically idealistic, with high moral standards and a strong focus on the future. INFJs enjoy thinking about deep topics and contemplating the meaning of life. The INFJ type is said to be one of the rarest with just one to three percent of the population exhibiting this personality type.

What sets the INFJ apart is their ability to take their idealism and translate it into action. They are not daydreamers or philosophers who just think about changing the world — they are capable of taking their values and using them to bring about positive and lasting change. While the MBTI is extremely popular, it has also been the source of considerable criticism due in part to its poor validity and reliability.

If you do take the MBTI, use caution when considering the meaning of your results. You can learn more about the INFJ personality in this overview, but this should not be construed as health, psychological, or professional career advice. Jung believed that a number of mental processes made up each individual’s psychological type. He identified four key psychological functions: thinking, feeling, sensation, and intuition. Each of these functions then tends to be either outwardly focused extraverted or inwardly focused introverted.

Romantic Relationships

By Elaine Schallock. INFJs are constantly evaluating their relationships, keeping at least one finger on the pulse of the relationship at all times. They really struggle with partners that either cannot or will not communicate.

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Only one or two percent of the population fall under the category — introversion, intuition, feeling and judgment. These people are a bit misunderstood because of this fact and because of their personality traits. This is why INFJ relationships can be difficult to establish. Once they find a partner, however, people who belong to the group form long-lasting bonds characterized by empathy and a deep level of commitment.

Are you wondering about INFJ romance? Because it happens to be relatively rare, the INFJ personality is somewhat misunderstood. Still, based on the Myers-Briggs characteristics, some valid conclusions can be drawn about the strengths and the weaknesses these people carry. INFJ people are very insightful. They possess an analytical mind and they pay attention to details.

In addition, these people are very creative. INFJs are endowed with an incredibly vivid imagination and they often have creative professions.

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Not many people will be wired the same way we are. Hopefully, it helps for you to better understand how we feel about you and our relationship. Dating an INFJ can be a challenge if you are not familiar with their world. In my case I do not date though the Internet.

If you find yourself dating this personality type, a little outside advice could make a huge difference. = = = Hi darkhowlingwolf, So I (INFJ) finally found courage.

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Secret Things You Should Know Before Dating an INFJ

INFJs love people. They love being with them. They love forming intimate relationships with them. They love surrendering to the connection between two people when all the distance falls away and they each express themselves openly and without censorship.

Mar 24, · INFJs tend to take dating guide to dating infj very seriously. The INFJ personality type produces some of the warmest yet most intense relationships; it is.

Quiet, empathetic dreamers with huge hearts, INFJs are one of the rarest personality types, which naturally, makes them quite odd. Here are 14 common romantic problems INFJs deal with in their lives. INFJs get frustrated when they make an attempt to connect with someone and the person fails to share their enthusiasm. This leads them to wonder why they even bothered at all and makes them more hesitant to reveal other things about themselves in the future. They want to believe in the best in their partner even if it comes at a cost to their well being.

They obviously have their share of faults too, but INFJs are one of the least likely personality types to give up on their partner. They can falter to their weaknesses if they get into a relationship with the wrong person. INFJs are very easily affected by the energy and environment around them. Their most successful relationships are with strong people who can lift them up and help them realize their potential as INFJs are highly idealistic.

If they end up in an unhealthy relationship with a lot of chaos or uncertainty, it can bring out the worst in them. While INFJs are completely capable of casual dating, they feel most fulfilled in longterm relationships or connections with people that go deeper than the surface. Even in the best relationship they can often feel a sense of loneliness and isolation. Although they might be happy in their relationship and content with their dating life, INFJs can still feel a great deal of loneliness and a lack of feeling understood.

14 Common Problems INFJs Deal With In Their Dating Lives

You already have a great start in the dating world. As you may or may not already know, Carl Jung developed the archetypes behind the modern Meyers-Briggs personality test from his experience in the field of psychology. Your introversion means that you relate to the world in a very inward-turning sense. You thrive when you have downtime to yourself. Using intuition, you navigate the world with a sharp and connected sense of things.

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