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Culture Buro Loves. Welcome back this week’s download. Some of you reached out to me last week and asked for the column, and you were right to notice, there wasn’t one. Last week was one of the most profound and moving in our modern history — certainly in my lifetime — and I know I was moved greatly. The protests and coverage around the BlackLivesMatter movement has had a fundamentally positive impact on educating people worldwide on a topic that is so pertinent and important and it did not feel right to post a column in a week where I really wanted every ounce of coverage to be about the cause being championed. I am and have always been a huge proponent of equality be it men, women, race, caste, creed, and I passionately support BlackLivesMatter. So as a sign of respect, the column took a break. I highly encourage everyone to research, read and participate positively in this movement and better understand the historic and future implications of the cause and how we can all play a role.

Online dating in Singapore: 12 types of men you meet on Tinder, Bumble, and other matchmaking apps

Well, let this article serve as a guide to you on the proper dating etiquette in Singapore. Please note that this serves as a general guide and may not apply to all Singaporeans. Singaporeans, though modern, often hold a slightly different set of ideas when it comes to dating. Due to the Asian values that have been inculcated by families and institutions, most Singaporeans often adopt a careful approach to dating.

The Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award in recognition of individuals and organisations who have made outstanding contributions for Chinese.

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Here’s a change in the Singapore dating scene you didn’t see coming

The Public Affairs Section, U. Embassy Singapore, is pleased to announce the annual competition for Fulbright grants for Singapore citizens to study in the United States. This flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.

single friends and found five reasons why dating in Singapore sucks. disinterested in culture and politics and music and all those things.

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Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award

Subscriber Account active since. Fed up with your local dating scene? If so, you’re almost certainly not alone. Dating-related fatigue and frustration are common among single-but-trying-to-mingle people. And with certain aggravating dating trends becoming increasingly common — like ” benching ” and ” stashing ” — it’s not hard to imagine why.

Whether it’s attributed our culture or their upbringing, it sure makes them more attractive. 3. Singaporean guys are competitive. In a small city-state like Singapore.

The Centre confers the Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award in recognition of individuals and organisations who have made outstanding contributions in the promotion, enrichment, and development of Chinese Singaporean culture. Strong and wide promotional efforts e. Effectiveness in promoting and enhancing the social standing and international influence of the chosen field.

Sustainable development of the chosen field through the transmission of tradition to young practitioners. Achieving breakthroughs in the chosen field, thereby moulding our distinctive local culture. The SCCCA recognises individuals and organisations from various cultural sectors, who have made outstanding contributions in the promotion, enrichment, propagation, and development of Chinese Singaporean culture.

More importantly, this award recognises contributions made by both practitioners and non-practitioners working in related fields. There is no overlapping between the two awards. The SCCCA recognises contributions made beyond the fine arts, to include the wider realm of heritage, popular culture and creative design. Yes, barring unforeseen circumstances, it is conferred once annually. Nominators may submit more than one nomination for each award.

It is assessed according to the extent to which nominees meet the criteria for the Award.


The National Museum of Singapore building is also an architectural icon that is stunning to behold. If you have time to visit only one place to learn about the history and culture of Singapore, this is probably it. The National Museum of Singapore tells you the intriguing story of this country in a manner that is both fun and rewarding. Imagine standing in the midst of a vast darkened space surrounded by a massive video montage showing everyday life in Singapore while a rousing symphony plays in the background.

Meet the different types of men you find online dating. the world and educating himself (on sex) about new cultures (sexual positions).

Girl meets boy. Boy likes girl. Someone asks the other out, they go for dinner, and the air is filled with awkward conversation and nervous laughter. Towards the end of the evening, the bill arrives, and … fuck. What happens next is critical. As the boy, do you reach for your wallet and cover the check?

“I hope we live in a place where people help one another and no Singaporean is left behind.”

What are some traditions, superstitions and things to do or avoid during the seventh month in the Lunar calendar? A look into the best movie theatres in a country that loves cinema. From lion dance performances to displaying tangerine trees in the home, these are some ways Lunar New Year is celebrated in Singapore. We uncover some of our favourites.

From huge musical extravaganzas to experimental performances, Singapore’s thriving theatre scene has something to suit every taste.

Singapore served as a central point of trade between the East and West in the 19th century, coming under British colonial rule in until Today, it is.

The National Arts Council champions the arts in Singapore. By nurturing creative excellence and supporting broad audience engagement, our diverse and distinctive arts inspire our people, connect communities and profile Singapore internationally. We preserve our rich, cultural traditions as we cultivate accomplished artists and vibrant companies for the future. Our support for the arts is comprehensive — from grants and partnerships to industry facilitation and arts housing.

Championing the arts is our business and we are committed to help transform Singapore to a home to diverse and distinctive arts which inspire our people, connect our communities and position Singapore globally. At NAC, we have a team of creative and dynamic staff who share this common vision.

National Museum of Singapore

Wondering how to find love while being socially distant? Here are some tips and strategies that will help you make way for cupid to strike you online. How can you tell if someone is going to be interested in you? First impressions count, even on online dates. So, how do you best present yourself to build a lasting connection? Here are some styling tips to help boost your chances online.


And the expensive gifts and experiences that he showers on her? The gifts include hotel stays, the latest gadgets and custom jewellery. That, as well as cold, hard cash. If this all sounds a little odd, that’s because these are perks that Felice enjoys as a “sugar baby” to her year-old “sugar daddy”. She meets us at Orchard our choice dressed in an off-shoulder wrap dress with a crotch-high slit that threatened to expose her with every step.

A pair of matching heels appeared to lend her an awkward gait. She declined to reveal which university she graduated from, except that it’s “one of the top universities in Singapore”. At her lowest point, Felice said she subsisted on just instant noodles and a loaf of bread for a week. Said Felice: “I got to know about sugar dating when I was attending one of my student hall parties. Also, as a sugar baby, what are your boundaries.

Another requirement that the agency demands, according to Felice, is exclusivity on both sides, but like many relationships, faithfulness is not something one can easily enforce.

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