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If you spend a lot of time on the Internet, or have recently been or befriended a teenager, you may have heard of a webcomic named Homestuck. For an adventure game! During the course of their adventures they befriend several members of an alien race called trolls. Homestuck is part of a larger collection of comics originating on the popular site MS Paint Adventures , all written and illustrated by Andrew Hussie. Well, not really. Homestuck is a truly multimedia experience, with over 7, panels amassed since its inception. The earlier installments of the comic were created to be like an old school choose your own adventure, composed of crude line drawings and interactive flash elements.

A Story That Could Only Be Told Online

Crafted with deliberately crude drawings and simple text commands, the webcomics—named Jailbreak , Bardquest , and Problem Sleuth —show a slow and steady evolution toward something more complicated, more author-controlled. His total output of panels for those three titles topped out just under 2,, a commendable figure for any comic artist. But then he created Homestuck , and with it, a new kind of storytelling on the web. Homestuck tells the story of a group of online friends who start playing a video game that both dooms their world and creates a new one.

From a narrative standpoint, Homestuck has roots in participatory stories like Choose Your Own Adventure and early role-playing games.

hhhh could i have some dating/romantic headcanons for spades slick please if thats something u can do ty. Sure, of course! No problem ;].

Run by this person , and this person helps. Photoset with 2, notes. Then we all knew a real game had begun. SBARG was one of the most memorable tumblr events of fall and was a collaborative effort of many people led by Alistar, or twistedCaliber. Once in, everyone was rushed to achive God Tier as fast as possible to avoid and find a way to defeat a mysterious enemy who was stronger than the game code itself.

Even battles were only surmountable by hundreds of players hopping on Omegle in search of obstacles hosted by the SBARG team to attack. Those who encountered each other would break the conversation off with a good luck or role-played their interaction and search with gusto. For those who remember and experienced the game, no matter how late they arrived, none can forget the excitement and teamwork that sparked many new friendships in the fandom.

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I took a test and got Knight of Time, which is pretty cool since Dave is my favorite character. But I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about my God Tier? Homestuck Headcanons. Posted 3 years ago.

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I have a lot of links that are helpful if anyone is planning on creating a fan adventure in the future or needs help with one already in progress! Here you go! Homestuck References. Random Land Generator : This is super helpful! It gives you a random Land, Title, color scheme, list of interests, specibus, weapon, chumHandle, and consorts! I highly recommend it! Sprite Editing Tutorial : I found this tutorial on Deviant art and found it quite helpful!

Make sure to leave a good review for the author! Animating Talksprites : Everything on this blog right here is really amazing and I suggest following them pronto but this tutorial here literally taught me how to animate not just talksprites but I used this knowledge to figure out how to animate a lot more things so you should check it out!

Color Palettes : If you need to see the colors that go into a certain location in Homestuck this is the blog for you to check out! They post color palettes made from the panels themselves so you can find make your adventure as accurate as possible! Patron Troll Calculator : This is really interesting.


T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more featuring designs by independent artists. Find Homestuck Tumblr gifts and merchandise printed on quality products that are produced one at a time in socially responsible ways. Sell your art.

Haa, I meant, it was forced upon me.””Let’s just say that I found myself in a different place, finding worlds that feared me from the outset, worlds.

Elton John is going hard in the publicity his marathon farewell tour, with two covers albums out tomorrow. He’s also decided to complete his social media portfolio by finally joining Tumblr, calling it “a special space with a creative community full of talented and influential people that embrace everything from music to fashion and drive the spirit and passion I so admire as an artist” in a PR release. He’s not wrong: Tumblr is a cool place to find fan art, memes, wild fan theories, more memes, fans analyzing the ever-loving shit out of fictional character interactions A blanket term for one of the first and most powerful fandom conglomerates, the term referred to Tumblr users who were big on Supernatural , which found a second life on the community more than 5 seasons into its run Doctor Who , and Sherlock.

There was a second conglomerate of fans that formed in about who liked the animated series Steven Universe , Gravity Falls , and Over the Garden Wall. Why these three series for the first group, I still have no idea. It’s probably because they all feature generically attractive white men who engage in slightly flirty banter with each other. That’s another thing you should know about, Sir Elton: shipping. This is when fans are fond of two characters who they see as an ideal couple, yet the work never makes the relationship canon.

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You’ve heard of Hiveswap 4/13 Release Date, Now get Ready for. Hussie sits on his hands for another 2 months and decides is a more opportune time.

My copy of Rainbow Dash: Reading Rainboom! Rainbow Dash reads from some of the Daring Do adventure books by A. Yearling, but oh no! What will our heroes do? She snatches the history book, reads it to the students, and it turns out they love it. After some wiki deep-diving, I learned that the character of A. So there you go.

A Noob’s Guide to Homestuck, the Favorite Webcomic of Internetty Teens Everywhere

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Remember that one time I made a bunch of Homestuck shirts? Sad that you missed out on nabbing one?? Go to the Bandcamp page to check it out! You may now preorder the calendar! Oh hey also there are a couple new hoodies. I did notice a lot of people expressing some reasonable opinions about it, and being met with an excessive amount of rhetoric like this. But stuff like this, in such high volume, is well beyond the result I wanted.

Your straw man arguments are not my own, and by making the joke I was not authorizing you to harass others.


Welcome to homestuckheavens! We write scenarios, headcanons, and we even take writing prompts! Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor. Sketch requests, to be specific. If you would like to check out examples of my art or request something non-homestuck related whether it be art or writings , please check out my personal cacoethesism.

Find and follow posts tagged davekat on Tumblr homestuck | Tumblr. Tumblr Go crazy. kind of a roleplay quiz i guess? how would your date with dave go?

Eighteen artists both familiar and new have come together to make art for each song in the newest official Homestuck album, Beyond Canon! The first package contains high-quality compressed art standardized to by pixels and includes a utility to help you embed it in your version of the album, so you can see the art when you listen to the songs on your music player of choice. The second package contains full-resolution versions of the art files and a making-of booklet with artist sketches and commentary!

Here is a link to the booklet by itself if you just want to see it! The art is also soon to be featured on the Homestuck Music Wiki , which preserves old official art for all the tracks that had it before the Bandcamp reorganization. Jun 1, pm Permalink notes. This project is inspired by the Homestuck Vol. Less than a week left to sign up! Emails and DMs have been sent, stay tuned for the results of the anthology!

Apr 16, pm Permalink 50 notes. Mar 13, pm Permalink notes. When Homestuck ended almost four years ago now, the energy that surrounded its fanbase was totally unlike it had ever been before. If you would like to submit a piece of music to the team for a potential spot on LOFAM5, you have a few ways to do so. You can contact any manager of the team through DMs: Gracie!

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