Identify Your Vintage Martin – Caveat Emptor

The Martin Style 3K is the fanciest Martin ukulele in the line that did not have a border of abalone or mother of pearl on it. Martin never made a Style 4 uke, you see, so the progression of the soprano line is Style O, Style 1, Style 2, Style 3 and then Style 5. You can tell from this that a Style 3 will be quite fancy, and the Style 3K, whose body is made of Hawaiian Koa wood, is not only fancy, but also exceedingly beautiful and welcomed by all. The Style 3 first appeared in the Martin price list in and the following year, , first appeared in the Martin catalog. Since C F Martin Company did not provide serial numbers in their ukes it is impossible to track how many were made, but suffice it to say that fewer Style 3K were made than any of the other styles excepting the majestic 5K. The mandolin will have been cleaned up, set up and restring with Aquila or comparable professional quality ukulele strings. One of the four ivoroid button tuners shows a small crack — so far it seems to be holding together nicely. The ukulele shows normal signs of use and wear including scratches, scuffs, nicks and dings, a blackening of some of its surfaces due to hand wear and arm contact; there are chips and nicks around the headstock among other places. Being a Style 3 it has six mother of pearl inlaid diamonds in the black ebony fingerboard in three fret positions two on each of those frets — 5, 7 and 10 and between the diamonds there five-plies of white and black vertical lines inlaid down the board to the carat or birds-beak at the bottom of the fretboard. The round soundhole is ringed in around 10 alternating rings of black and white.

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It features amazing sound, stunning look, as well as feels great to play. The best option for beginners would arguably be the Kala KA-B as it comes at a great price and can be purchased as a bundle. This 4-string baritone ukulele falls under best value for money category. It has a lovely tone with a beautiful resonant sound and also comes at a very affordable price. Out of all four main types of ukulele , baritones are the biggest of the lot , and the deepest in terms of tone.

For that reason, they are great options for anyone looking for something more specialist.

Trying to determine the year of your Martin Guitar? Take a moment and review our list of the serial numbers for the last years.

Click Here to Ask a Question by Email. I have a beautiful Harmony DeLuxe soprano ukulele made out of solid mahogany. It is obviously quite old, well made, and, judging by the scarcity of available information about it, pretty rare. I am having a very hard time finding out anything about it at all: its age, history, etc. Can you help me? Answer: That is a very nice ukulele you have. I have seen other Harmony ukuleles with some of the same characteristics, but I haven’t seen another exactly like yours.

Harmony was owned by Sears, and manufactured many instruments for Sears under the Supertone and later, Silvertone brand names. The headstock shape on your ukulele is the shape they used on many of the Supertone instruments that were sold in the s and possibly into the s. For many years Harmony did not put its own name on the instruments they built.

❌SOLD❌ C F Martin Style 1 Soprano Ukulele, 1917

Email : theukuleleman. Always let me know if you are looking for an instrument that I do not currently have listed for sale. I will always do my best to find you a really good example. If you have a nice instrument that you are thinking of selling and you would like to sell it on my website, please telephone me on. I am always looking to sell good quality Banjo Ukes and Ukuleles as well as any other nice instruments.

One good way of dating old Martin ukuleles is the headstock. First, they stamped the logo on the back of the peghead (from circa ). Identifying Martin Guitars.

We’re sorry. This item is no longer in stock. What makes this guitar special: A super cool piece, with a terrific sound and outstanding playability. The Style 51 was not a serialized instrument, and as such is difficult to date exactly. Based on the specs in particular, the tortoise binding and location of the C. Martin stamp we believe manufacture to be somewhere between and A perfect addition to any collection, the Baritone Uke is very easy for guitarists to adapt to, thanks to its familiar tuning DGBE and elongated scale length.

This piece has been professionally inspected and setup by our expert in-house luthier. It will arrive ready to play out of the case. Cosmetic condition: Great overall shape, with some honest wear throughout. There are various surface scratches, scuffs, nicks, dings, and small chips present, with visible finish checking throughout. The body was oversprayed at some point, which looks to have been done professionally.

There is one small repaired crack on the side of the body, and another surface crack on the back of the body which does not go all the way through the wood. Overall, this one has a great look to it, with a beautiful patina.


We are still dispatching all items as quickly as possible. Description Imported from USA. Full description not available. Read more Very well done book with lots of information for Martin and ukuleles.

Martin ukuleles are considered by many to be the best ukuleles made, I would assume your banjo ukulele would date to the same period.

Over the years, I bought and sold many used instruments and in the course of doing so I must have bought a small Keystone State ukulele among them. After cleaning it up and restringing the little uke, I found that it played and sounded better than any other uke that I had played. But that little uke is such a delight! I was intrigued because at the time I thought the serial number would date the ukulele to — way before Martin started ukulele production in , and before the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco from Feb-Dec , the event attributed to popularizing the ukulele for a stateside audience.

More information about this manufacture date below. Please note that this ukulele appears to be made from the deep red Cuban mahogany that Weymann craftsmen preferred for many of their stringed instruments.

❌SOLD❌ 1950s C. F. Martin Style 1 Tenor Ukulele

Martin Ukulele Models: Martin 0m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 0k, 1k, 2k, 3k, 5k Ukuleles were in highest production from to the ‘s, though still manufactured in quantity until Production quantities during some periods were as great as Martin guitars. Martin ukes are considered to be the best for craftsmenship and sound.

Here is a very rare Custom Martin T-1 Tenor Ukulele (Mahogany Model) with I dated this piece by using the C. F. Martin & Co web page listing for dating​.

I acquired this little all mahogany uke a few years back and it seems to get better and better the more I play it. That is until, I tried Virtuoso Guitar Polish on it a couple of days ago. My usual Martin Guitar Polish had just run out so I searched on the web for something comparable and found Virtuoso, a two stage cleaner and polish especially formulated by the very upscale Virtuoso Vintage Guitars in the US.

The first time I used it was to polish my Martin , and it did a good job. The is a Custom build from about 10 years ago and in good condition — so getting it shining like new is not a big ask. However when i tried Virtuoso on the uke it really came into its own.

Martin Guitar Serial Numbers

Value for Money. Martin ukuleles are some of the most sought after ukuleles around. There are many avid collectors of Martin ukuleles around and people who refuse to play anything but Martins. Generally speaking, the higher the number, the higher the price.

For a short time in , Martin also stamped the serial numbers of some The Tiple is a ukulele size instrument with double strings that was developed for the.

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Vintage 1960’s Martin Style 51 Baritone Ukelele

Order by:. Available to:. Vintage Martin ukulele style O s Mahogany crack free. Martin Tenor Uke Style 1 Late s.

The result was the Martin ukulele we know today as the best ukulele ever made. Martin There are several ways to date your Martin ukulele. Martin put a stamp.

Remember Me? What’s New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Dating Martin Ukuleles. Dating Martin Ukuleles A customer brought an old vintage Martin into our shop today to value it and possibly sell it. From what I can tell, I believe it’s from the ‘s but figured I would check with the rest of you first. It is stamped on the back with C. Nazareth, PA. It has the same stamp on the inside of the soundhole.

It has no front decal and the headstock looks like it might be too short for a decal so I don’t believe it peeled off at some point. It has wooden violin style friction tuners. It also has bar frets rather than T frets. I believe it is a style It also has a 2 dot fret marker at the 7th fret.

Martin Style 1 Soprano Ukulele

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Dating Martin ukes is rarely exact, since there are no serial numbers, but a number of the features on this one pin it down to or , and not later. These.

O ne hundred years ago, in , C. In alone, Martin sold nearly 2, ukuleles, which was roughly the same number of guitars and mandolins it had sold in the previous ten years combined. This year, Martin is celebrating its th anniversary of publicly offering ukuleles, with a beautiful new display in its museum in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, as well as with two new Centennial ukulele models.

Courtesy of C. Martin Archives. By , when guitar maker Christian Frederick Martin and his family left Germany to start a new life in America, a number of tourists to the Portuguese island of Madeira had already returned home and spread reports of a small four-string guitar that was the characteristic instrument of the island. Nobody could have guessed at the time that Frank Henry and the ukulele would have a long and important relationship many years later.

In the late s and early s, the popularity of the ukulele in Hawaii was undeniable. It became an icon of the islands, despite its Portuguese roots. Beginning in the s, a series of events led to the popularization of Hawaiian music on the mainland. More exposure came from a Broadway show called The Bird of Paradise , which featured native Hawaiian musicians, and which toured the country for years after its Broadway run in Its multiple music acts at the Hawaiian pavilion introduced large crowds to Hawaiian music and its characteristic stringed instruments.

Hawaiian music soon became a national craze, and the demand for Hawaiian instruments, especially ukuleles, grew quickly. In , James W.

100 Years of Martin’s Landmark Ukuleles

To do these, the headstock had to be made solid, instead of slotted. Though he preferred Red Spruce, it was no longer available after the mids because all of the large stands had been decimated. The second one is serial number The brace was added to help prevent top cracks alongside the fingerboard. Though some models have been seen after this number with scalloped braces, and before this number with tapered braces. Fancy backstripe, ebony fingerboard, hexagonal abalone fingerboard markers from 3rd to 15th fret, triple bound peghead, vertical pearl logo, volute on neck.

The fancier style 5 models are worth more than plainer styles 0 to 3. All sizes are collectible. The first Martin ukes, built in , have serial numbers ranging from​.

User Name Remember Me? Martin uke? Saw a gal playing a uke on TV today, and the headstock looked square like a Martin. Did Martin ever make ukuleles? They sure did, and I think still do. I’ve played one, very nice of course! Originally Posted by jaybones. The vintage Martins are very, very nice. Originally Posted by tbeltrans. Originally Posted by Br1ck. Originally Posted by syrynx. Tony, how were you able to date yours?

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